CBI operates with the philosophy of producing the most appropriate and rational solutions for its customers within the scope of international transport services. CBI offers rational solutions that provide time and budget advantages to its customers with intermodal transport service, which is carried out using at least two different modes of transport without changing the transport container and handling.

Thanks to the intermodal transport method, which is environmentally friendly and safe as well as competitive budgets, CBI customers are not affected by climatic changes and save time for loads with time limits. Within the scope of this service, the loads remain in the same transport container from the point of origin to the delivery point and are opened without touching at the unloading point.

Multimodal transport is also part of CBI’s international logistics services. CBI is solely responsible for multimodal transport and manages the entire process. Multimodal transport differs from intermodal transport in that the cargoes are transferred from the unit where they are located to a different unit and transferred to different transport modes integrated with each other.