We hope the answers to the following questions will help you get to know the CBI.

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Can you give information about your experience in the sector, why should we choose you?

Founded in 1997, CBI’s priority is to analyse customer needs and expectations correctly and to produce alternative solutions. We work like your foreign trade partner and manage all our processes transparently. In addition to fast and economical logistics service, we develop solutions for our business partners with our expertise in all legal processes.

What are the countries you serve and what are your service types?

We serve in a wide geography. The countries we work with are mainly in:

  • Europe;
    United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands
  • Middle East

BAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait

  • Far Eastand Asia

China, Korea, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India

  • Americas
    Western ports
  • South America

Chili, Peru, Ecuador

  • Africa;
    Libya, Morocco, Egypt in the north; Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Fiji, Yemen, South Africa in the centre and south

In which sectors do you have expertise?

We provide logistics services suitable for different sector dynamics. The main sectors we work with: Textile, Cleaning Products and Chemical Products, Food and Confectionery, Plastic, Automotive.

Do you have a self-owned vehicle?

We provide project and load-based vehicle supply through collaborations with our experienced business partners.

Do you provide storage services?

As CBI, we provide storage services suitable for the needs of our customers in different geographies.

What is the scope of your insurance service?

Transport insurance

Can you work with my consultant on customs clearance?

CBI teams can work in partnership with all teams nominated by their customers for customs clearance.

Do you have a vehicle tracking system? How are the travelling vehicles informed?

Tracking can be done with the GPS application we have opened specially for our customers.

Which authorisation certificates do you have?

  • Transport Operations Organizer (TIO)
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • R. Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications General Directorate of Maritime and Inland Waterways Regulation Ship Agency Authorisation Certificate
  • R. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Transport Services Authorisation Certificate

Do you have experience in the transport of valuable goods?

CBI has many years of experience in the transport of valuable goods.

Do you transport loads that require temperature control?

If your cargoes require temperature control, you can rely on CBI’s expertise in this field.

Which transport method do you recommend for my cargo to Europe? Road or sea transport?

The nature of your cargo, the destination country, the time you want it to arrive and your budget will be decisive. Call us so that we can offer you the most suitable offer.

Do you provide express transport for urgent cargoes?

We provide express transport service.

How many days do you reach Europe by sea?

It varies according to the country and we provide transport within 3 and 25 days.

Is there a budget difference in intermodal transport method?

You can call us to get information about the budgets that occur when intermodal transport is preferred.