According to International Maritime Organisation (IMO) data, nearly 90 percent of international trade is carried out by sea transport. Global forecasts, expert opinions, and the common opinion of all institutions and organisations operating in the sector are that international shipping traffic and cargo handled will inevitably continue to increase in the coming years.

With its network of agencies and expert representatives in different continents, special shipowner agreements and extensive system integration, CBI makes a difference with the added value it creates in sea transport services, thus reflecting its competence to its services.

CBI, which is a member of FIATA (International Federation of Transport Organisers Associations) and UTIKAD (International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association), develops combined logistics solutions for customers from different geographies and different sectors.

By offering options that provide time and cost advantages for its customers, CBI acts as a combined transport consultant in all steps from customs clearance to insurance, from storage to legal procedures during the operation process. In addition to instant monitoring and tracking of the cargo, expert CBI teams working at ports and customs in critical processes take fast, decisive and solution-oriented actions and provide guidance for the smooth completion of the transport processes.

CBI, with its teams specialised in different types of cargo, produces economical solutions in every sense and safe solutions at every step with multimodal transport options such as sea-road, sea-railway, sea-airway and sea-airway to ensure the harmony of transit times in parallel with the characteristics of the cargo, geography and customer needs.

CBI, which offers advantageous solutions in line with the business targets of its customers through special agreements made with shipowners as a result of its long years of cooperation, also provides transit loading services and cross-border services.

With its experience and expertise in international sea transport services, CBI organises export and import with Less Than Container Load (LCL), Full Container Load (FCL) depending on the characteristics of the cargo.