CBI makes different investments and develops collaborations in parallel with changing consumer and consumption habits. In today’s world where digitalisation removes time and geographical boundaries, e-commerce is important for companies to expand their trade volume and increase brand awareness. Sales made abroad through different platforms on the internet are called international e-commerce and e-export.

In 2021, it is seen that e-export in Turkey has grown by 50 per cent in terms of both turnover and quantity. The e-export volume, which exceeded $ 2 billion 500 million in 2021, is expected to grow 100 times by the end of 2022.

Companies that will make e-exports must first acquire a brand perspective, invest in the product, think locally, analyse consumer behaviour and preferences in the market they want to enter, and prioritise customer satisfaction.

Closely following all these developments in the sector, CBI management developed a new business model in the UK market, where it has been operating for many years, and established the “Envoyo” digital platform. The platform, which will support SMEs in their e-export journey, works with the aim of becoming “a one-click export bridge”. The Envoyo platform, which offers 36 different service packages prepared in anticipation of the needs of SMEs in the e-export process, has a strong synergy with CBI’s expertise in the UK. The logistics of e-export services offered through Envoyo are carried out by CBI’s experienced teams.

Although the UK, the 3rd largest market of e-commerce in the world, is the first stop, Envoyo’s goal is to develop this model into a global structure by expanding to Europe and America.

Bringing its experience in the international logistics sector to e-export, CBI continues to develop solutions that will provide value-added growth for companies.

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