CBI was founded in 1997 as an international logistics services company with the aim of being a quality, fast and reliable solution partner of its customers.

Global developments in international trade have radically changed the dynamics in the international logistics sector over the years. CBI, a company with 100 per cent Turkish capital, not only adapted to the conditions, but also evolved and developed with its innovative understanding and innovative process management; quality and trust-based, solution-oriented service approach has not changed.

Thanks to its long years of experience, CBI continues its activities as a strategic business partner offering support solutions to its customers in customs clearance and warehousing with its intermodal transport services as well as road, air and rail transport, especially sea transport. CBI, which also serves in e-export logistics with its new investment, is working with the aim of expanding its services, which started in the UK, the 3rd largest market of e-commerce in the world, to Europe and America.

As of 2023, CBI brings a value-added approach to customer needs with its comprehensive operational competence, effective solutions in critical processes and proactive action capability.

Reaching 200 countries and 1257 ports in different geographies, CBI’s rich ecosystem and competent suppliers are one of the most important competences brought by its experience and expertise in the logistics sector. CBI stands out with its accurate foresight, affordable and proactive steps and economic solutions. Safe and cost-effective solutions that save time as well as actual costs are the main reason why CBI stands out among international logistics companies. Fast and clear information flow, traceable transparent process management are some of the factors behind foreign buyers’ preference for CBI services.

CBI, which closely follows the trends in the international logistics sector and makes a difference with its strong know-how on a global scale, assumes the role of a consultant in its relationship with its customers and stakeholders. CBI, which makes sustainable, trust-oriented collaborations, produces rational solutions from legal claims to insurance-related details by working with teams suitable for geography and the requirements of the time, taking into account customer reputation.

Always aiming for the better with its 24/7 accessibility, dynamic and competent human resources and agile management approach, CBI continues to be the address of expertise and trust in the sector with its combined transport services and to develop long-term collaborations.