CBI makes a difference in the sector with its 25 years of experience in international road transport services. The driving forces behind the safe and high quality operations are well-established, reputable and strong agency collaborations, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction that develops thanks to the solution-oriented service approach of its meticulous and expert teams. The processes, which are managed meticulously and transparently from order management to delivery processes, can be followed by customers with GPS details.

Within the scope of road transport services, full (FTL) and less than (LTL) truck load transport services are provided in a wide geography covering all European countries, the Balkans, central Asia and Scandinavia. CBI also provides multimodal transport services for remote geographies, creating time and cost advantages with this service.

Another area CBI specialises in is transports to neighbouring countries. These transports are organised intransit and direct from Mersin and Iskenderun port regions within the scope of insurance where the cost of goods is fully protected.


CBI provides full truck load FTL) services in the field of road transport. It also provides the following services with the latest vehicle types in case of need;

– Door to door delivery transports,

– Overseas customs clearance services,

– Express transport,

– Alternative route transports with double-driver vehicles.


CBI’s services also include the Less Than Truck Load (LTL) service.

Within the scope of this service, while transporting one or more low-volume orders, order picking, storage, loading and international customs clearance services are provided.
In addition, loading area service is provided upon customer request.


Having  T.R. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure’s R1 certificate, CBI is able to organise all commercial and special cargo transports within the borders of Turkey. CBI carries out complete and partial transports of processed materials, raw materials and all other processed and ready-to-export products from production locations to all container ports. In addition, door-to-door transportation of all import cargoes that have arrived at Turkish ports to their final addresses is carried out safely with cost-effective and efficient methods.